Cultural Competency Training

Understanding and appreciating cultural differences is extremely important in multicultural societies, like New Zealand, and neglecting them leads to misconception, miscommunication and misunderstanding between the involved parties.

In multicultural countries all sectors and employees interact with CALD community members at some point; employees and staff, clients and customers, education, health, legal, HR, banking, trade, social work…etc. Therefore, it is a crucial part of any professional development training to include cultural competency training in order to enable all the parties involved have better understanding as well as clearer and more respectful communication in order to achieve more positive outcomes.

There is currently a gap in the cultural competency education and training received by New Zealanders interacting with CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) community who moved to New Zealand from different parts of the world. Researches has established the importance of cultural competency of the anyone working with people from different ethnic communities in improving not only their communication but also more effective and positive outcomes, self-confidence of all parties involved, better social integration as well as the level of cooperation and collaboration between the organizations and CALD community members.

ARMSS workshops are tailored to the different types of audience and professionals attending workshop. We understand and appreciate that educators, health providers, legal and financial advisors, government and NGO staffs and any other professionals and practitioners have different needs when it comes to developing cultural competency skills. If you like to know more please contact us and we can develop the workshop that best meet your organization needs.

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