Aotearoa Refugee and Migrant Support Services ARMSS is a social enterprise dedicated to providing different types of support for the CALD Community members (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) community members as well as agencies working with the CALD community to help them better integrate in their new home, New Zealand.

Our philosophy 

We believe that in order to achieve equality in the outcome we should apply equity to the process and not the other way around. People are different, come from different cultural, religious, economic and educational backgrounds and therefore their needs and challenges are also different.

One size fit all support models cannot be effective and efficient when working with very diverse people like our CALD Community members.


CALD Community members contributing to New Zealand’s economy and society at a high level, best utilizing their skills, qualifications, and expertise, economically developed and independent and socially integrated into their new home, Aotearoa.

Mission Statement

Introduce our philosophy to the community, advocate it with government policymakers and apply it to our programs. Help CALD Community help themselves achieve better economic, mental, and emotional wellbeing and social integration by empowering them and enabling them to overcome cultural, social, emotional, cognitive, economic, and practical barriers, obstacles, and challenges they face in their resettlement journey.

Goals and Objectives

Our main goal is to achieve a more coherent New Zealand, empower CALD community members and enable them to achieve better social integration and wellbeing.

Long Term Organizational Goals

Long Term Social Integration Goals